What Do I Do About My Cracked Stucco?

What Do I Do About My Cracked Stucco? | CMB Stucco & EIFS

If you have a little crack in your outside stucco, you can simply fix it—and you should, or you may end up with more significant repairs down the road. Q: My home is 64 years old and has its original stucco. A tiny fissure on one external wall has paint flaking away on both sides. […]

Roof Maintenance Tips for Springtime

roof maintenance tips for springtime

Roof repair is usually off most people’s spring to-do list, yard chores and spring cleaning. However, as winter draws to a close, your roof should be at the top of your list of home repair needs. Winter weather may damage your roof significantly, and severe damage may jeopardize structural integrity. If you want your roof […]

Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring

6 ways to prepare your home for spring

Browse this site. There may still be snow in the air and you may have just gotten through the holidays, but whether you’re ready or not, spring will be here before you know it! We can’t wait for the barbecues, spring flowers, and green lawns, but before you start thinking about patio furniture and butterflies, […]

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