They are providing the highest quality training while having the most fun possible. Continue reading about Newark.

Since 1976, Center Stage has provided an eclectic approach to well-rounded training to the New Jersey performing arts community. Teaching working professional theatre and dance performers. The top instructors in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Hip-Hop, and Tap are all together under one roof. PLUS, a dynamic teaching team of theatre and vocal experts. Its mission is to give the finest quality training while having the most fun possible. Students get exceptional instruction, personalized attention, and a love for the performing arts via classes guided by top-notch teachers.

Multiple dance rooms in their state-of-the-art performing arts complex allow for simple scheduling of convenient back-to-back and sibling lessons. Their rooms feature state-of-the-art sprung Marley flooring for the best safety and dancing ability. Each space also has wall-to-wall mirroring and cutting-edge audio equipment.

George Warren established a theatrical dance section of a Ballet Academy in Somerset, NJ, in 1976, providing tap, theater, and jazz/funk training. George was still playing professionally and teaching in New York City, but he yearned for a connection to his New Brunswick, NJ origins. The workshops immediately expanded in popularity, and Center Stage was created, with locations in Somerset and East Brunswick at first. George then invited some of his NYC and NJ professional dance and theatre friends to join this new school with the goal of bringing together professional educators with strengths in various dance styles, acting, and voice to collectively mold students into a new breed of well-rounded artists ready to take the stage in the NYC and LA theatre and dance communities. Center Stage changed performing arts education in New Jersey by breaking the pattern.

The mission and dedication of Center Stage to each student are greater than ever. They develop character and teach skills that will benefit students for the rest of their lives. They are a family of educators dedicated to helping each student achieve their full potential. They have been leading the Central Jersey arts community for almost 40 years. They are welcoming new members to their Center Stage family!

The First Steps is a specially created dance introduction for children aged two. The presentation is diverse and entertaining! Their compassionate staff leads their youngest dancers on an 

engaging musical and movement adventure.


The classical ballet curriculum provides the essential building blocks for all of its dancers. This graceful art form is intended to strengthen the body and mind of each dancer. Ballet courses emphasize body positioning, flexibility, and fluidity, allowing your dancer to achieve a degree of artistry not seen in other forms of dance. Ballet students demonstrate exceptional body control and carriage by filling the music with every count. This technique is best suited to dancers who are dedicated to their training. On instructor’s advice, pointe sessions are given for more experienced pupils aged 11 and older.

Jazz/Hip Hop

As an art form has grown throughout time, from Broadway musicals to movies to music videos. Turns, jumps, and kicks, on the other hand, will always be at the heart of their work. Their jazz curriculum aims to enhance the dancers’ abilities and the strength and flexibility behind the motions, with an intense warm-up at the start of each session.

Hip Hop

In the hip-hop courses, they want to see you getting down and funky! “Cool Party!” is where the term “Hip Hop” originated. Join them for their celebration at Center Stage, where they will honor the individuality and originality of each dancer participating in the event. Learn about the many different kinds of hip hop, such as the most recent b-boy and b-girl talents, popping, locking, waving, and whacking, amongst many more. Hip hop students will acquire the skills necessary to freestyle and express themselves, which are very valuable in the dance business. You won’t be able to stop rocking since you know all the newest movements. Therefore, come on over to this fun party!


They can tap into the rhythm of Broadway, and they’ve got it all!!! There is a lesson designed just for those captivated by the syncopated rhythms produced by a tap dancer’s feet from the early part of the century when tap stars topped vaudeville marquees. Flappers filled the Broadway stage, to the MGM movie classics with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers gliding across the screen, to the present day, when Brenda Bufalino, Savion Glover, and Jason Samuels Smith fill a stage with their great sounds. The American culture includes the dancing style known as tap dance. They provide lessons for children and adults ranging from beginner to advanced levels, which contributes to keeping this American art form “alive and well.” Their tap choreography has been honored with many national honors, including the finals of Paula Abdul’s “Company Dance” competition, which were shown on national television.


Make sure you seek Center Stage’s lyrical and contemporary curriculum to satisfy your gentler side of dance. You may do this by gently extending your arm while gazing out into the distance. Flexibility and technique are sure to be present in this style because it combines ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. Students will acquire the skill of conveying a narrative via their exquisite movements, leaving an indelible mark on anyone who witnesses their performances. In this kind of dancing, the body will move in undefined ways, which allows for the expression of a free spirit. This technique will drive you to link all of these notions into one act of expression by requiring you to have a connection to your music, your surroundings, your body, and your spirit.

Adult Classes

Adult Hip Hop

The dance business places great importance on freestyle movements and self-expression, both emphasized in hip hop. Students will get familiar with a wide variety of hip-hop techniques, including the most recent abilities, popping, locking, waving, and whacking, as well as many more. Enjoy a variety of musical styles, including hip-hop from the 1980s to today’s top songs.

Adult Tap

Rhythm and tap dancing in the Broadway-style — we’ve got it all!!! There is a lesson designed just for those who have been captivated by the syncopated rhythms produced by a tap dancer’s feet. Beginning in the early 20th century, tap stars topped vaudeville marquees and flappers filled the Broadway stage, to the MGM movie classics with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers gliding across the screen. All the way up to Brenda Bufalino, dancing has been a popular form of entertainment for a very long time.

Its primary concerns are the health and safety of its instructors and pupils. You may contact them at (732) 238-7890 or their website for further details.

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