At Monster Mini Golf, we like what we do because it allows us to entertain people of all ages at 30 locations around the United States and Canada in the most unusual and wacky way possible. Below is an overview of what to anticipate while visiting a Monster Mini Golf location. Browse around this site.





The most creative, economical, attractive, and fun family entertainment option! They seek to alter how others see miniature golf and family entertainment. Monster Mini Golf is your go-to place for one-of-a-kind family fun, with over 30 locations and expanding!”

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The most thrilling and one-of-a-kind mini golf experience in the cosmos is brought to life by beaming black lights across the course. Imagine playing 18 holes of glow-in-the-dark mini-golf in the middle of a virtual canvas, where the walls come alive with witty, hilarious, and relevant pop-culture artwork specific to the city and state where the actual place is located. At every bend of the golf course, human players engage in conversation with our imaginatively amusing and animated monsters. They are already moving, talking, wriggling, and making noise; this is only the beginning! You will be able to enjoy the pulsing rhythms of music classics, both old and new, while you have immersed in our crazy world thanks to our in-house radio station, W.I.R.D. Radio. In addition, our unique formula of on-course entertainment will keep you thoroughly entertained. Mini golf is just one of the many ways that people of all ages can enjoy having a good time.


With a vast selection of enjoyable activities for individuals of all ages, from infants to elderly citizens, the state-of-the-art arcade does provide a giant helping of family entertainment!! Their visitors can look forward to an abundance of excitement, including everything from the most recent technological advancements to those tried-and-true favorites. Games like Jurassic Park, SpongeBob SquarePants, Big Bass Wheel, and Down-a-Clown can be found at our arcade. These games keep the younger guests entertained as they rack up prize tickets and giggle. Traditional games such as skee ball, glow-in-the-dark air hockey, and basketball hoops are available for those still young at heart. Deal or No Deal will test your critical thinking skills, and Prize Cranes will allow you to win amazing rewards. It’s all right here. Are you prepared to get your game on?


You’ve made it to the crypt. Players must be five years old to participate in the skill-based, intense game known as Monster Laser Tag. In terms of “hide and seek” or “capture the flag,” it may be likened to a high-tech version. If you’ve never participated in or seen a game of Laser Tag, the objective is for each participant to try to place the most “tags”—physical markers—on the other team during the allotted game time. Whoever gets to collect the most “tags” is the victorious team! The difference between Monster Laser Tag and other laser tag games is that we provide special missions, exclusive game variants, and much more.


This time-honored amusement park staple offers fantastic fun for visitors of any age! Younger bowlers will easily score high on the scoreboard and have more fun since the lanes are shorter and the bowling balls are lighter. Experienced bowlers, on the other hand, will find the streets responsive and demanding. No specialized footwear is necessary, so you must step up and demonstrate your abilities. Put them in position, and get ready to launch an exciting new bowling adventure!

Atomic Rush

This one-of-a-kind attraction creates a high-intensity entertainment experience by using the most recent advancements in touch and LED technologies, exploding colors, and superb acoustics. After entering the ATOMIC RUSH portal, players will come across stations equipped with LED touch panels. Players have sixty seconds to touch the panels as soon as their color appears, and they have to do it as rapidly as possible. The more quickly they complete the task, the more points they accumulate. You must pay attention to the rainbow panels if you want additional points. You have to complete it while running at top speed! It’s like a futuristic LED twist on Simon Says and Twister!

Are you interested in being a part of the Monster Mini Golf family, one of the industry’s fastest-growing family entertainment franchises? They’re a fast-developing firm with a reputation for quality, good guest experience, and retention, with more than 30 sites throughout the United States and Canada. The Family Entertainment business opportunity they provide, like any other franchise, requires that you satisfy certain financial requirements. They’ve tried to explain every detail of these expectations on this page to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

No prior experience in the entertainment industry is required—their franchisees come from various businesses and backgrounds. Still, they all have one trait: an outgoing personality and a genuine passion for entertaining people! The Monster Mini Golf Formal Instruction Program is a blend of classroom and in-store training that covers all you need to know to run a successful Monster Mini Golf establishment. For more information, you can visit their website or you. 

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