Buyer Beware: Not All Stucco Homes are Created Equal

Buyer Beware: Not All Stucco Homes are Created Equal

Thinking carefully before making an outside stucco purchase is necessary.

You’ve probably heard of or watched a TV program about home searching. The real estate agent and prospective purchasers consider the home’s location, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and interior color schemes. But the siding of the house receives little attention. As a contractor, this worries me since the siding is an essential factor in curb attractiveness and its role in shielding the home from the weather. Consideration should be given to stucco siding. You must be aware of the following!

Stucco installation

Stucco’s dependability dramatically depends on how it was installed, as is the case with any material used for home improvement. Unfortunately, there are numerous opportunities for an inexperienced contractor to misapply stucco because it comprises several layers. Incorrect flashing is one of the installation mistakes that happen the most. This leads to water intrusion, which can result in costly damage.


Cracking may happen if the soil near the home is mixed with stucco sand. Even though cracking can be fixed, the homeowner is typically the one who must pay the bill. The fact that many installation issues don’t surface for several years makes the situation even worse.

Selecting a contractor to work on stucco should be done carefully because it calls for a customized approach.

Water damage

Stucco needs to be kept dry to maintain its integrity. Installing gutters and downspouts so that water is directed away from the house is crucial. To prevent water from penetrating the stucco, extra care must be taken to ensure that doors and windows are tightly sealed.

Paint color commitment

Since stucco may endure more than 50 years, choosing this siding option for your house needs foresight. The stucco has to be sandblasted before the color can be updated. By passing this procedure, future moisture problems may result.

Stucco siding marketability

For many of the reasons outlined above, buyers in humid or damp locations are sometimes hesitant to commit to a property with a stucco exterior. Consequently, houses with stucco siding often spend more time on the market than other types of siding. This is why it’s crucial to have a trustworthy stucco inspector working with your real estate agent to guarantee you don’t end up with a house that needs a lot of expensive repairs.

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