The Different Types Of Stucco Textures

The Different Types Of Stucco Textures

Stucco is a great choice for builders and homeowners who want something that looks good and lasts a long time. With this kind of finish, your home can fit in with the rest of the houses in the neighborhood while still being unique in its own way.


How could this be? Well, even if most of the homes or businesses in your area have stucco finishes, they probably don’t all have the same color or texture. Stucco can be made with a variety of different textures, which is one reason why it is such a popular siding material. Here are some different stucco textures for your East Brunswick home or business.


Choices for stucco textures


There are so many different stucco textures to choose from that it can be hard to make a final choice. Here are some of the options you may have and some of the most important things about them:


  • This is one of the most attractive stucco textures, and it looks like a cat’s face. It has rough spots that are surrounded by smoother spots. This can be made with either real stucco or fake stucco. Depending on how far apart the rough spots are, the overall look will be different.
  • When you think of stucco siding, you probably picture something like “lace and skip.” It’s a great way to hide trouble spots and can be used in both commercial and residential buildings. This kind of finish can be put on in a lot of different ways, giving the finished product a wide range of subtle looks. It is put on in two layers, by hand or with a spray, and then finished with a trowel.
  • Dash finish: This is a cheap option that lets you make patterns that are fine, medium, or heavy. It is often sprayed on, and air pressure is used to make the finish have natural differences. It’s easy to fix if something goes wrong.
  • Smooth finish: This is hard to do with stucco, but when it’s done right, the result is a flat, smooth surface that is easy to paint and clean. This can be done with synthetic or acrylic stucco, but a fine cement base stucco can also be used. It may not be as easy to fix as other textures.
  • Santa Barbara: This has the same feel as a smooth finish, but it looks more like a traditional adobe style. To get this look, special sand particles were used, but when it was done, it looked smooth. But, like a smooth finish, it’s harder to fix than other textures.
  • Sand/float: Many commercial buildings choose this option. It can be made to look light or heavy, depending on how it’s done. It can be used for many things and is easy to fix.


See it for yourself


Even though these descriptions may be a good place to start, the best way to decide which stucco texture is best for you is to see it in person. Contact CMB East Brunswick Stucco & EIFS Repair right away to find out what the best stucco textures are for your East Brunswick home or business. We’d be happy to tell you more about the different choices you have and help you choose.

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